Dr. Eva Helpard
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Do I need counselling?

Many people who have never been to a counsellor wonder if their problems or concerns warrant counselling or therapy. When feeling uncertain, some people wait and then find that the problem only worsens. Many problems grow and become more complicated when left unresolved. However, I have found that when issues are addressed sooner rather than later, it is easier to understand what needs to change and how to move forward.

It is never a bad idea for most people to choose to come for counselling, even for one or two sessions. Similar to preventative medicine, addressing issues early on can oftentimes avert a potential crisis.

Here are a few examples of people Iíve worked with:

A single mother of an adolescent boy marries again.
The boy and his new stepfather have trouble communicating and often avoid one another. The mother feels caught in the middle and doesnít know how to deal with the situation.

A successful businessman has always been afraid of heights but recently finds that elevations of only a foot or two is causing him to feel afraid and unsteady. He avoids elevators and standing too close to windows. He is not certain why this is happening and his symptoms are getting worse.

A young woman attending UBCO university is living independently for the first time.†She hasn’t made any new friends and is feeling quite anxious. She is having trouble concentrating in class, is not sleeping well and has little appetite.

The parents of a 15-year-old boy are concerned about the changes they have noticed in their son. He is withdrawn, moody and angry most of the time. His grades in school have dropped and he quit playing hockey. Attempts to talk to him result in angry outbursts.

An older man is struggling to find purpose and meaning in his life since his wife recently passed away. Although he has children who visit him regularly, he finds it difficult to share his feelings with them.

A middle aged married woman is feeling sad and alone since her children recently left for University. She is uncertain about her future and generally unhappy in her marriage.

A 6-year-old girl started having nightmares and is now afraid to sleep in her own bed. Her mother is worried that something happened at school but her daughter refuses to talk about it.

These are typical examples of issues that cause people to seek counselling. If your circumstances are similar, donít wait to find the help and support you need to resolve them and move forward in your life.