Dr. Eva Helpard
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Eating Disorders

Many women and some men today are struggling with serious body image concerns and various forms of eating disorders. Eating disorders do not discriminate in terms of age, sex, or culture. It is a frightening disorder that can take over ones life and the lives of those who love them.

As part of the team of professionals who developed and provided treatment at the Eating Disorder Program at AHS,

I understand the complexity of treatment needed for recovery. Treatment involves a comprehensive assessment, involvement of family and loved ones, the involvement of other professionals including your family doctor, dietician or nutritionist, and most importantly the commitment to change by the person affected.

How I Can Help

People who struggle with eating disorders and body image concerns often feel ambivalent about making change. I can help to increase your commitment to take those first steps necessary to overcome this life debilitating disorder. If you’ve already started making change or recently received more intensive in-patient treatment, I can help you maintain the changes you’ve made while adjusting to more independence. Preventing or recovering from relapses is an important part of the learning necessary to overcome this challenging disorder.

The sooner you take these steps the more likely you are to regain your health and your life. I know that recovery from eating disorders is possible!