Dr. Eva Helpard
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Life Transitions

Life Transitions Issues Particular to Women

I genuinely appreciate all the changes and life transitions women experience:

This time is especially difficult for today’s young women. Society does not make it easy for our young women to feel confident, safe, strong and unique. Many young women struggle with their sense of identity and purpose that may lead to problems with substance use, eating disorders, sexuality and relationships with family and friends.

For many women, having a child is the single most important and emotionally intense period of their lives. In the past, women relied on their mothers and families to provide support, respite and reassurance. However, in today’s society many women live far from home or they find themselves feeling isolated and alone. It is critical for new mothers who are experiencing isolation, fear and worry, exhaustion or depression to reach out for help.

Often minimized as just a phase women go through, menopause is perhaps the least understood life transition that women experience. The physical, emotional, relational and sexual changes women experience can range from negligible change to intense and extreme. This transition can happen quickly or take a number of years to resolve. Some women who experience menopause feel confused, afraid of what the future holds, and alone.

Loss and Grief
There are many forms of loss and grief that people experience in their lifetimes. Although inevitable, how one interprets and experiences their loss is unique and individual. When the feelings are intense, overwhelming, exhaustive and interfering beyond what feels tolerable, it’s time to reach out.

Life transitions can be challenging but don’t have to be debilitating. I can help you to understand what is happening, sort out your emotions and help to create a new vision for your future.